The sheer density of significant, beautiful, and revelatory spaces around Rome means that we can see firsthand a host of places a short walk away, or at most within a few hours’ drive. We will be able to draw these places in detail as well as learning about them from local faculty and guides. Among many others, we generally explore and study the following locations:


Ancient Remnants

The ambitious projects of Ancient Rome continue to form a working part of the city.

-The Appian Way

-The Colosseum

-Cloaca Maxima

-The Forum

-The Pantheon



The Christian heritage of Rome runs deep, and is expressed in a succession of groundbreaking religious institutions that set the tone for the sacred architecture ever since. We will see the integrated architecture and art of Michelangelo, Raphael, Bernini, and many more.

-Il Gesù

-The Lateran

-S. Maria d’Aracoeli

-St. Peter’s

-the Tempietto


Public Spaces

Rome’s convivial and sociable character is showcased by its signature piazzas, assets that have long kept the city active and lively.

-Campo dei Fiori

-Piazza del Campidoglio

-Piazza del Popolo

-Piazza Navona

-The Spanish Steps


Villas and Gardens

A deep vein of garden history runs through the gardens of the powerful and wealthy around the perimeter of the city. Some of these sites have been spectacularly restored, while others show the bones of the structure and the wear of time.

-Hadrian’s Villa

-Villa Borghese

-Villa d’Este

-Villa Farnese at Caprarola

-Villa Lante


Historic Towns and Archaeological Sites

It is possible to travel a few hours outside of Rome and inhabit totally different worlds, representing as closely as possible the fabric from prehistoric times to the Middle Ages.



-Ostia Antica


-Parco dei Acquedotti


Contemporary Architecture

Over the past few decades, a wave of new signature buildings and developments by international architects have appeared in and around the city. Works by Zaha Hadid, Richard Meier, and Renzo Piano respond to historical fabric while adding their own bold statements.

-Ara Pacis Museum



-Nuovo Centro Congressi

-Parco della Musica