The Knowlton School of Architecture Rome Program will outline a set of strategies for the study of the city, leading students through the built environment and examining the physical results that emerge when systems of planning and ecology make contact with the ground. With Rome and its surroundings as our laboratory, we will follow a series of paths through the city, through its layers of material culture and time, to unearth its structure.

Using drawing and observation as our primary methods of investigation, we will study the great spaces of Rome, uncoupling the image of form from its organizing structure and resulting space. Each day we will produce a series of analytical studies from which field observations are transformed: layering different views and media and extracting interpretations of space, material, flow, and change over time.

This is not only a trip, but also a course. Admitted participants register in 3 credits of LARCH, ARCH, or CRP 5798 for Summer 4-Week Session 1. Please note that drawing plays a significant role in this program and students will be expected to do so as part of their grade. You do not have to have any previous sketching experience, however. 

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JUSTIN PARSCHER, Assistant Professor in Practice of Landscape Architecture

Professor Parscher joined the Knowlton Faculty in 2015 and took over the long-standing Rome Program in 2017. He was trained at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design and has taught architects, landscape architects, and urban planners since 2010, previously at Washington University in St. Louis. His teaching focuses on the history of designed landscapes and urban analysis.


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