This program is competitively priced for study abroad programs of comparable length, and is an attainable way to stay long-term abroad. However, it is a significant expense. Most participants use student loans at least in part to meet the cost. However, there are also many opportunities to apply for grants and scholarships to help as well. One benefit of this program is that several opportunities are specifically reserved for programs that are longer than one month and stay in one foreign country – we are able to take advantage of these. Look through the links below to get a sense of the opportunities, and also check out our student experiences page for more examples of how students have made it work.


Office of International Affairs

OIA, our partner in offering this program, has many general resources for understanding and meeting study abroad expenses:

Information on Studying Abroad from OIA

Grant and Funding Resources from OIA

It also offers some of its own grants.

Gilman International Scholarship – for Pell Grant undergraduate students

O-H-I-O Education Abroad Scholarship – for underrepresented and diverse populations in the ODI Young Scholars program

Wolfe Scholarship – for undergraduate students from Ohio


Other Ohio State Resources

STEP (Second-Year Transformational Experience Program) – Ohio State’s program for sophomores is a popular source of funds for study

Council of Graduate Students – it is possible to use CGS’s research grants to help along your Rome trip

Monda International Experience Scholarship and Roth Family Endowment – these are good options for design students (FAS only)


Exterior Resources

Diversity Abroad – finding aid for resources for underrepresented groups

Fund for Education Abroad