Information Sessions For 2019!

Following another successful year in 2018, we are gearing up for a new go-around in the Eternal City. This time, in addition to students in architecture, landscape architecture, and city planning, we are inviting applications from students across Ohio State with an interest in these fields as they are applied to Rome.

We have two information sessions coming up at the Knowlton School:

October 25 at 5pm in room 177

November 19 at 12:30pm in room 175

Come by for a short presentation, Q&A, and free pizza! We’ll see representative work and share student experiences.

Week 5B-5C Visit: Orvieto June 11-12/2018

Cerveteri, Orvieto, Bomarzo

It’s our final trip for the Rome Program! We’ll meet promptly at 8:30 at the Ottaviano metro. Remember your change of clothes, rain gear, snacks, and sketchbooks! Since we’re staying at a hotel, linens and soaps will be provided.

Week 4D Independent Work – June 7, 2018

With our touring nearly at an end, now it’s time to focus in your individual project! Go here to sign up for an afternoon slot to meet with me at the Rome Center.

After that, remember that the American Academy is holding its Open Studios event up on the Janiculum from 6 to 11:30, and you are invited! It would be worth going for the space alone (featuring a beautiful Laurie Olin landscape) but the work will be incredible as well, featuring op.AL and other architects and landscape architects. Be aware that they are fussy about security, and prohibit all large bags as well as asking for a photo ID – make sure that you have a few types on hand.

4C Recycling – June 5, 2018

Garbatella, Via Ostiense, Mercati Generali, Gasometro, Pyramid of Gaius Cestius, Porta Ostiense, Non-Catholic Cemetery, MACRO Testaccio, Monte Testaccio

After a long day yesterday, we will tighten things up with one final tour of Rome (!). We’ll counterpoint our study of formal spaces with more disorderly industrial districts. We’ll finish in the area of Testaccio, where unconventional Roman ruins meet up with young Romans and new architecture.

morning: work on Project II!

12:30pm: meet outside Garbatella metro station

5pm: short drawing exercise at Monte Testaccio

4B Axes and Bundles – June 5, 2018

Via Flaminia, Palazzetto dello Sport, Stadio Flaminio, Ponte della Musica, Villaggio Olimpico, Foro Italico, Casa delle Armi, Nuovo Stadio Olimpico, Stadio dei Marmi, Piscina Olimpica, MAXXI

We go up the ancient Via Flaminia today north from central Rome to continue our tour of modern and contemporary architecture in Rome. It’ll be a long way, so be prepared with water and snacks. We will end in MAXXI, which will be open until 7 if you want to spend extra time there. You can take the tram back down Via Flaminia – it will be much quicker going down than going up!

9am: meet Francesca at center of Piazza del Popolo

1pm: lunch near Villaggio Olimpico

4pm: end day at MAXXI

4A Repositioning – June 4, 2018


Palazzo dello Sport, SS. Pietro e Paolo, Sede delle Democrazia Cristiana, Palazzo del Civiltà Italiana, Palazzo dei Recevimenti, Nuovo Centro Congressi

We begin our week covering the 20th and 21st centuries with a short look around the Fascist-era EUR district. We’ll talk about the strange legacy of this place and how the desire to reenact Imperial Rome intersected with modernist planning and architecture.

10am: meet at above-ground entrance to Ottaviano metro stop by Via Silla – I will have your metro passes if you didn’t get them Friday

10:30am-2pm: tour around EUR district

2-6pm: lunch on your own and then back to Project II work; I will be at the Rome Center and available to consult

3D Visit: Viterbo – May 31, 2018

Villa Farnese, Villa Lante

After a hot and arduous week, tomorrow we will be relaxing by leaving the city and going to two of the great gardens of the world. We will be meeting Riccardo at the same place as before, behind the Supreme Court building, at 8:30am, and heading out via minibus. There will be an opportunity to get lunch in town in between our two visits.

3C Self-Directed Work – May 30, 2018

Today you are mostly on your own. We will have individual meetings to talk about your Project II topic at the Rome Center; otherwise, you are free to spend your time on site developing your project.

We will start our meetings at 9am; you can sign up for a slot here. You only need to be present for your own meeting.

After your meeting, you will go to your proposed site (or one section of it) and try a test run. Then, at any point in the afternoon/evening up until 6:30, stop back at the Rome Center to check in with me and share what you learned.

3B Procession – May 29, 2018

St. Peter’s, Piazza S. Pietro, Palazzo Torlonia, Palazzo Alberini, Palazzo del Banco di S. Spirito, Oratorio dei Filippini, Piazza di Pasquino, Palazzo Braschi, S. Pantaleo, Area Sacra di Largo Argentina, Il Gesù, Piazza Venezia, Piazza del Campidoglio, Palazzo Senatorio, Palazzo dei Conservatori, Palazzo Nuovo, S. Maria d’Aracoeli, Carcere Mamertino, SS. Luca e Martina, Curia Julia, Forum of Caesar, Via dei Fora Imperiali, Ludus Magnus, Lateran Baptistery, Lateran Palace, S. Giovanni in Laterano, S. Clemente, SS. Quattro Coronari

We will meet Davide at 9:30 at Piazza Papa Pio XII, just east of Piazza S. Pietro, for a long and glorious recreation of the Papal Way, the procession from the Vatican to the Lateran. Be prepared for plenty of sun and more palazzos than you would think possible, and bring a water bottle.

9:30 meet at Piazza Papa Pio XII

12-1 lunch

1: meet again at the foot of the steps leading up to the Piazza del Campidoglio

5: finish up for the day