ESEPSY 1159 Module 7 or You’re Almost There!

Motivation is the success, any success. Whether it’s at work, at learning, or in personal affairs, being motivated is the first step to succeeding. There’s no point to putting off certain tasks, eventually they will need to be done, and the regret that comes with not having it done before and the lack of effort often put in means that the quality will suffer, leading to more regret. So it’s time to stop holding out on whatever important task that needs to be done and do it now.

Find a spot to work in. Preferably quiet but sometimes a little noise helps out. Listen to music if needed. Do whatever it takes to get focused. Sometimes the problem is not just the space but other factors like websites and browsing. Consider getting an app like Freedom (ironically named) where certain sites can be blocked during work time. Put the phone away. Put it on silence or airplane mode. Do something with it to prevent it from being a distraction.

More seriously, if motivation has been a problem for quite some time, consider seeing a doctor. There’s a chance that depression has developed and medication is needed. Even if it’s not that bad, the doctor will have some advice as well. Do what it takes to get the ball rolling.

ESEPSY 1159 Module 6 or Sources Please

Researching things tends to be one of the hardest parts of any job or career. With the Internet being as vast as it is, there’s a lot of sites and information and good amount of those conflicts. Whether the reasons behind the conflicting information is a mere lack of understanding or something more sinister is something one must find out on their own. Background checking the works on the internet is utterly important as it allows for more consistent information to be spread, ensures that misinformation is corrected, and verifying that the information is up to date. What was accurate 5, 10 or even 1 year ago may not be accurate anymore.

So when it comes to find information in the first place, where to start? When in doubt, use Wikipedia, not as a source, but as a guide to the information needed. Wikipedia is updated constantly and a source is needed to ensure that the information is accurate. So from there, the beginning of the search has been located. However, always double check. Check to see if the author is actually as reputable as they claim. Also check to see when the site was updated and from where. Again, a few years is enough time for the information to change. As long as those checks are made, then the research will be much easier to do.

ESEPSY 1159 Module 5 or Write Down Everything

Let’s be honest, people’s memories in general suck. So many important things that should be memorize, things that should never have been forgotten disappear and recollection of those memories come back empty. That’s writing down everything important is essential. Human memory isn’t consistent but the act of writing things downs once established is. This includes topics that further research is needed or to review latter before something is needed. This video by the Indiana University focuses on note-taking during class but the various structures of note-taking can be applied for uses other than studying. Writing down good notes is the key to remembering everything or ensuring that nothing important is lost. While often times the idea or the notice is still stuck because it was written down, it’s better safe than sorry. Fighting the inconsistency of the h

EPEPSY 1159 Module 4 or Review Review Review

Learning something new is always difficult no matter what the subject can be. At first it’s very simple, remember Concept A and how it applies to Concept B and so forth. But then as more information is gathered it becomes harder. Sometimes what Concept A and B even are is forgotten! That’s why going over everything from the newest stuff to the oldest is important, arguably essential even. Take for instance learning a new language. Generally once the basic rules of the language are taught, the rest comes easier to learn. However, should these basics be forgotten, it makes learning new verbs and creating new sentence far more difficult than usual. So when that happens, return to the basics and review the old rules. This guide talks about keywords and memorizing them. Identify the keywords and rules and everything starts to fall in place. Sometimes, going back to the basics is the key to solving the problem. Hopefully when that time comes, the notes from before will make reviewing everything much easier.

Module 3 ESEPSY 1159 or Later Should Be Now

This module really hit hard for me because procrastination in that it is something everyone struggle with a lot. It’s the biggest obstacle in any setting but especially education and the work place. The desire to just not focus on the task and do something enjoyable now is hard to resist. But that’s something to avoid because ultimately the result will be the same. High amount of stress and panic and something just banged out without a care about it’s actual quality. Regardless of whether school or something else lead to these habits, the work place is definitely not the time to let them continue. This article by Jordan Bates on the site The Creativity Post goes into detail about several tips but the one to focus on organize everything about the task. Laying it out piece by piece will give a clearer picture on what needs to be done when. As daunting as it looks at first, remember, doing everything is a recipe for disaster. If something is not pressing, plan time out for later and do the things are important now. Of course none of this matters if the work never gets started in the first place. Do the task as soon as possible and it’ll lead onto to other things. The engine will start running and the task will complete, if the fuel doesn’t run out of course.

Module 2 ESEPSY Blog Post: Tone and Why You Might Want to Not Add That Joke

One of the most important things to keep in mind when communicating is that tone is something that is not always communicated properly and can be misread. Due to the nature of the written language tone is not something that’s easily conveyed as spoken language. Written literature lacks body language and the tone of voice that spoken language has, making the context and meaning behind the words clearer. Therefore what would be a harmless joke can very easily come across as an insult to the recipient. It’s something that you see very often, generally when a company has to apologize for something said, it tends to be a joke that was either poorly received due to the wording or one that was mean-spirited in the first place. At the same time, you don’t want to come across as a machine. People dislike automated answers, even if they come from a person.

Adding a personal spin to your words when writing that email is not a bad start. You are you and want to differentiate yourself from the rest is a step to making yourself remarkable. Be professional when discussing work-related issues or ideas. If the relationship between you and the recipient is good enough, you can make some light-hearted conversation but remember, you are discussing work. Once you send the email, there’s little chance that you can take back what you say so review everything and double-check. If you see something’s that questionable, reword it or remove it.

Ultimately the goal is to make the tone you want to see clear. There’s a time and place for everything, you just need to know when it is.