About Me

Kendall Kropp is a first year undergraduate student in the Health Sciences Scholars program. From Toledo, OH, Kendall is thrilled to finally be a buckeye. She is an exercise science major and eventually hopes to go to physical therapy school. Additionally, Kendall is a member of the Ohio State Dance Team. Since she was two years old, Kendall’s heart has been with dance. She is honored to represent Ohio State and continue her love for dance. As a dancer, Kendall has learned how to pay close attention to detail, time management skills, and leadership traits. These have helped shape her to the perfectionist she is today. Kendall cannot wait for the opportunities ahead at OSU. GO BUCKS!


Global Awareness:
Original Inquiry: 
Academic Enrichment: 

I had the privilege of talking to Nick O’hanlon, a graduate student earning his doctorate in physical therapy at OSU. Nick graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences. What inspired me the most about Nick was how much I could relate to him. As Nick went through undergrad, he became passionate about leadership. He knew that his application to PT school wouldn’t be the most competitive academically, but he was confident his leadership qualities would exceed everyone else. Nick grew as a leader at UC and helped develop the First Year Experience program. Going above and beyond outside of the classroom, Nick was able to learn important characteristics that helped establish him as a quality applicant to PT school. This was inspiring to me because leadership is something I am also passionate about. I want to grow as a leader here at OSU. Through the dance team and my sorority, I want to develop my communication and time management skills to become a well-rounded and competitive applicant for PT school.
Leadership Development:

Throughout this year, I completed 20 hours of service. I was able to help serve at the Martin Janis Senior Citizen center. A team of other HSS members and I gardened all morning to fix the landscape on the outside of the building. By pulling weeds and cutting trees, we helped fix the appearance to make the scenery more beautiful for the elderly. Additionally, I helped at multiple dance camps throughout the year. I was able to help teach little girls ranging from ages 7-17 basic techniques of dance. Also I helped run a cheer/dance competition backstage by guiding a young high school dance team throughout their competition. All of these experiences taught me how to be an efficient and effective leader. I learned how to communicate with others and give my time towards the benefit of my community.


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Year in Review

My first year here at Ohio State was filled with ups and downs. At the beginning, I was quite overwhelmed with all of the changes in my life. There were so many new and exciting opportunities to take advantage of, and it was difficult to adjust to everything. Being a part of the dance team really helped me find my way. It really helped me stay busy and active, and I was able to meet some amazing people on campus. I am looking forward to what dance team has to bring for my future. Academically, I struggled with what I wanted to do with my life in the beginning of the year. I looked into lots of different majors, and HSS aided my exploration of careers. Second semester, I finally ended up switching my major from Health Sciences to Exercise Science. I discovered my passion for the workings of the body and hope to go on to PT school and focus on sports medicine/rehabilitation. Socially, I became really close to the girls on my team and my roommate. Also, I participated in Buckeyethon and joined Kappa Kappa Gamma. Both of these really helped me meet new people and get involved on campus. Going into next year, I hope to take full advantage of what OSU has to offer. I want to excel in all of my classes and develop as a leader in the organizations I take part in.