Welcome to the Lee Korean Performance Research Program (KPRP) at Ohio State. The KPRP takes a leading role in convening innovative research into Korean and Korea-related performance traditions as they flourish in a global context. The KPRP was founded in Spring 2014 with the goal of promoting international appreciation and promulgation of the art and philosophy of Korean performance. Begun with the generous support of Dr. Chris Lee of Columbus Ohio, the OSU-KPRP envisions interdisciplinary education, research, and outreach with Korean performance tradition as leading inspiration.

Building on our unique strengths in traditional performance, we also engage with Korean popular culture as a recent outgrowth of long-held indigenous cultural expression. The Korean Performance Research Program is a crucial component of the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures’ unique curricular focus in East Asian performance traditions.

Program activities include hosting artists-in-residence and performance tours, conducting workshops and festivals, academic conferences and symposia, and publications.

Dr. Chan E. Park

Dr. Chan E. Park, director of KPRP

KPRP was founded and is directed by Dr. Chan E. Park, professor of Korean Language, Literature and Performance. The idea of teaching the Korean performance tradition as part of  Korean Studies at The Ohio State University was based on her decades long training in research, performance and theatricality.