About Our Research Interests and Us

An image that depicts different symbols for physical and mental disabilities

We are a group of students at The Ohio State University currently enrolled in English 2367.01, which has a theme that covers disability. The subject of disability has always shared a unique relationship with the media due to the way that the media portrays disability. With this website we are going to study this relationship and analyze the impact that different portrayals of disability have on society. Through several forms of media we wish to call attention to the misrepresentations, successful representations, and what these mean for the disabled community and society as a whole. We are interested in understanding the way that the disabled community views these representations. We are also interested in connecting the media representations to real life and how disabled representations can become more accurate.

We want this website to be very open and accessible to anyone and everyone that wants to check it out. We would also like to encourage anyone that visits the site to feel free to leave a comment and give their own view. It is very important to us that we can engage in conversation with others interested in this topic. Everyone’s opinion is of value to us as we would love to know more about what others think. Below there is a comment section so please give us your feedback, questions, concerns, or anything else you may want to tell us!


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