Cover Letter

September 27th, 2013

Stephen Kotich

Mr. Oppermann

Aviation 2200


Dear Aviation Industry,


My name is Stephen Kotich.  I am submitting this cover letter for consideration for a management position in the Aviation industry.  I am interested in this position because I believe I have the knowledge, skills, and ability to be successful in the aviation field.  I am currently enrolled at the Ohio State University majoring in aviation management which is giving me the proper knowledge to be successful in the industry.  I also have previous experience as a manager in the automotive field for four years which I believe can be attributed to the aviation industry.  I communicate well with others and also have experience in customer service as part of my previous management position.  In addition, I am extremely passionate about aviation and I like to take on new challenges.  My hopes and goals include a long term position in aviation management as well as eventually obtaining my private pilot licence.  I can adapt to any situation that is required of me in order to be a key asset in aviation management.  I am looking forward to discussing in further detail how I could be a key contributor to the industry.  Thank you for your time and consideration.


Stephen Kotich