Office Hours
Office hours occur on Zoom.
To sign up for a time slot:
I am on sabbatical during the 2021–2022 academic year. Office hours will resume in August 2022.

Letters of Recommendation
N.B. Please allow 3 weeks prior to the deadline to request a letter of recommendation.

As part of your request, please email me:
-The full description of the scholarship, festival, grant, job, etc to which you are applying, including the deadline, to whom I should address my letter, and how I should send it (email, digital upload, hard copy, post)
-Your application, cover letter, narrative (drafts are fine), and grant budget
-Your current resume or CV
-A list of courses you have taken with me, including semester and year
-Undergraduate students and graduate students in coursework: A copy of a paper you wrote for me which represents your best work
-Post-coursework PhD students or post-degree MFAs and BFAs: two or three samples of your recent work (includes conference papers, research presentations, dissertation chapters, work for publication, video links to recent work, project writeup, grant application narrative, or a paper you recently wrote in one of my courses)
-A brief explanation of why you would like me to write a letter for you for this event

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