Maddie Stern, MS Student

I received a B.S. in biochemistry from Denison University in May of 2018. During my four years of undergrad, I worked in an organic chemistry lab for three years. My work there began as designing and synthesizing new molecules for use in organic electronics. Over time my research became more broadly focused on the synthesis of highly substituted aromatic compounds that had potential to be used in organic electronics as well showing promise for use in the medical field. I also worked on two projects in the neuroscience department, the first working with a school system in South Africa, supplying lecture and lab materials for the students. The second project worked with a local high school helping to improve the science curriculum with an emphasis on neuroscience, again helping to provide lab and lecture materials. I have now started in the masters program at Ohio State and am split between the Hatsu and Kopec labs, working on the MADDY project. My current research focus is using micronutrients to treat ADHD in children.

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