Haley Chatelaine, PhD Candidate

Haley is in her fourth year in the Interdisciplinary PhD Program in Human Nutrition. Her research involves using MS- and NMR-based metabolomics techniques to profile compounds that change after dietary interventions. My projects look at how different foods (i.e. probiotic yogurt), dietary patterns (i.e. Western diets), and health conditions (ie. metabolic syndrome) result in different metabolomics profiles, which may help us form new ideas and hypotheses about the functional roles of food in human health. What really got her interested in metabolomics was the power to take a holistic view of how “we are what we eat” at the most fundamental level. She believes this foundational knowledge can help guide food production and nutrition interventions to improve food security and global wellbeing. In addition to my research, she is also President of the food and agriculture science communication club, Citation Needed; Captain of the food and nutrition Pelotonia team, Crops to Clinic; and loves to swim, bike, run, find new restaurants, and be active!

Haley can be reached at chatelaine.1@osu.edu

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