Bo Zhang, Postdoctoral Scholar

Bo received his B.S. in Material Science from the University of Science and Technology of China. He moved the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for his PhD in Chemistry, completed in 2014. Bo has been a Postdoctoral scientist at the Ohio State University since 2014 under Dr. Rafael Br├╝schweiler, and more recently in collaboration with Dr. Rachel Kopec. Bo has 11 years of NMR-based metabolomics experience. He has performed untargeted and targeted metabolomics in microbiology and cancer therapy using NMR. He is also working on nutrition and gut flora metabolome projects using both NMR and MS. He initiated new techniques in using nanomaterials to aid in elucidation of metabolite structures. He also has experience in metabolomics-related database searching, combining NMR and LC-MS metabolomics platforms, and isotopic labeling.

Dr. Zhang is now working for Olaris Therapeutics in Cambridge, MA, and can be reached at

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