Welcome to the Kopec Lab!

Welcome to the Kopec Lab!  We’re excited you decided to pay us a visit.

The Kopec lab believes that nutrition is one of the most tangible and accessible ways that any individual can impact their health.  We LOVE lipids, and we focus our attention on fat soluble compounds (vitamins A, D, E and K, and fat soluble bioactive compounds like omega-3 fatty acids, carotenoids, and chlorophylls).  We think that certain groups of individuals may have special fat-soluble dietary needs that differ from the regular population (e.g. metabolic syndrome, cancer patients, etc.).

We use model systems (foods and food processing, Caco-2 cells, animals) and actual humans + analytical chemistry tools (LC-PDA, LC-MS/MS, untargeted metabolomics) to understand how fat soluble compounds are released, absorbed from food, and metabolized.  Our current tools have some limitations which we’re working to overcome, including the identification of unknown metabolites, and the integration of multi “omic” platforms (so we may leverage knowledge about genes and microorganisms growing in/on human bodies with what we know is happening inside the body). We contribute a great part of our research success to collaborations with colleagues in a diverse group of specialties.  Learn more about our work by checking out the other links on this site.

Are you an independent and highly motivated student, or have recently graduated and looking for a postdoc?  Are you a PI interested in collaboration?  Dr. Kopec would be happy to receive a note from you at kopec.4@osu.edu

Also, check out recent announcements on our Twitter Handle: @KopecLab