Hello guys, my name is Kong Xiangyuan, I am living in Linyi, Shandong, which is a time-honored city in eastern China. There are three members in my family: my parents and me. I am very interested in cars and other mechanics which started when I was a young boy. By which I mean that I always watch motorsports on TV and I am fond of collecting or making car models.

I have become a history lover for a long time and historical geography is my favorite subject. I always make historical maps by myself which fulfills me.

I am a sophomore at the Shandong University of Tech and my major is, of course, mechanical engineering. In the summer of 2019, I joined a research camp held by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and studied there for two weeks. The research topic is about high-speed trains and this summer camp let me know how exactly researchers and engineers work, which makes me like this major more.

When I was in the first year of college, I read a book about the aerodynamics of race cars. The book cited the images in the OSU wind tunnel. After that, I was immediately interested in the university and googled a lot of information about OSU. The beauty of the campus, the Ohio Stadium, and of course, the pride of buckeyes really attract me. Like I mentioned, being an automotive engineer is my dream and I want to make it come true which means the knowledge is very important. Furthermore, there is another reason that I want to get the experience of studying abroad. I am very interested in cultures, so I want to see the world. A study life and even work experience is the best way to experience a culture. I believe that the time spent studying abroad will become a period of time that I will never forget in my life.


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  1. Hi Xiangyuan!

    Your interest in making historical maps by yourself sounds cool! That recalls my memory of drawing maps in geography class. Linyi, Shandong is a long-history city. I never visit there but I have heard this city before because it’s famous for calligraphy. It’s surprising that you love both engineering and history. All my friends who love history have no interest in science. Your dream work is really cool! I wish you can learn what you want at OSU and achieve your dream!

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