Division R – Advanced Research and Development

Division R

Based on our research done (as seen in the Data Analysis Tool section), braking with the servo motor is king. The servo motor stopped 850% faster than coasting and 650% faster than reversing the motors. This does come at a price by significantly complicating the braking process, increasing the cost of the AEV, and adding potentially hazardous conditions. The servo motor is also 170% more energy demanding than coasting and 150% more energy demanding than reversing the motors. Although the servo introduces new issues, the potential upside of fast and efficient braking is something that can’t be ignored. Moving forward, the team will need to develop regulations to safely operate the AEV while utilizing the servo motor. With these regulations, the AEV can be established as an efficient and safe mode of transportation, which in turn would increase the popularity  and marketing value of the AEV.