Progress Report Division H

Lab 01 – Programming Basics

1. Comment on the performance of the electric motors (i.e., in scenario 1 line 1, did the propeller begin to rotate at the start of the program or was there resistance observed in the motor to rotate the propeller at low speeds?).

Overall the electric motors performed well and did everything desired in scenario 1.  There was some resistance in the beginning to start the propellers but the rest of the scenario ran smoothly.

Lines 1-2 – Resistance observed, started spinning a few seconds in one time and not at all another.

Line 3 – Brake worked as programmed.

Line 4 – Little resistance, started spinning quickly.

Lines 5-8 – Worked as programmed.

Line 9 – Little resistance, both motors spun.

Lines 10-12 Worked as programmed.

Lines 13-14 – Reversed and began spinning with little to no resistance.

Lines 15-18 – Worked as programmed, ran smoothly.

Lab 02 – Reflectance Sensors

1. Discuss how the commands used in this lab may limit the success of the AEV in its completion of the scenario Hint: by applying the brake command, will an AEV stop right away?

The commands used in this lab, including goToRelativePosition() and goToAbsolutePosition(), can direct the AEV to run at a constant speed for a specific length. However, by applying the brake command after reaching a certain mark the AEV will keep running. Therefore, using the position commands will not guarantee the AEV will stop once it reaches that position. It will be hard to program to AEV to go a specific length since there are no exact commands to do this.

Lab 03 – Creative Design Thinking

Individual and team concept sketches can be found in Division H Concept Sketches as well as descriptions of each concept sketch. This was achieved through the process of brainstorming,  drawing, and construction creative design techniques.

Lab 04 – Design Analysis Tool

Information regarding this lab can be found in Design Analysis Tool. Graphs of the AEV’s energy consumption vs. distance and energy consumption vs. time are found here. The written code for the Arduino is also included.

Lab 05 – Concept Screening and Scoring

Our concept and screening scoring charts can be found in Concept and Screening Scoring. The pros and cons of each design as well as ideas for future designs are also included here.