Division R Progress Report

Exercise 1

Scenario 1

  1. 1.The electronic motors did not work extraordinarily well. It stalled in the beginning of the run, almost seeming as if it wasn’t operating. There was a clear “warm-up” period where the motors were in the process of working at its best. There was signs of resistance observed in the motor. The rotation of the propellers would irregularly speed up/slow down until it got to a high enough speed to perform consistently.

Exercise 2

  1. The commands coded using the Arduino software seem like they work reasonably with minute complications. Yet there are a few that could require some extra thought. The braking system will work, but there is concern that it will deliver an immediate stop to the AEV. Depending on the speeds used in throughout the AEV run, the brake function might not be able to perform instantaneously. The acceleration is another function to consider. We wouldn’t the motor to be overwhelmed from the AEV accelerating too quickly. This could mess up the entire project and be fatal if not thought about critically and carefully.