Concept Screening and Scoring Division H

 Concept Screening

Concept Scoring

Criteria Descriptions

Safety – The designs’ ability to remain on the track without creating any dangerous situations and adhere to the safety guidelines.

Efficiency – The designs’ ability to minimize power consumption during a certain time or distance.

Stability – The ability of the AEV to stay level and intact while traveling along the track.

Cost of Building – The price of creating the design and obtaining the materials necessary to do so.

Aesthetics – The overall sleekness of the AEV design.

Pros and Cons

For the most part, the concept designs are better than the reference AEV in the criteria selected.  The team design and Erin’s design had the most important pros in the groups’ minds.  A full description of the pros and cons for each concept design based on the criteria can be found here.

Tested Designs

Erin’s concept AEV and the team concept AEV will be carried forward in the design cycle.  Despite some flaws in their current designs, these two designs project to be the most successful through further development. The continued development of these designs can be found here.


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