AEV Evolution of Design

Evolution of Design

(Left to right: Sample AEV Design, Erin’s AEV Design, Original Team AEV Design)


(Left to right: Final Team AEV Design Parts, Final AEV Design)


Sample AEV Design: The Sample AEV design was first used by the group for the Preliminary Research & Development tests. The group came up with individual sketches as well as a team sketch to create an improved design.

Erin’s AEV Design: Erin’s AEV was a modified version of the Sample AEV design, which can be found here. It used a smaller rectangular base and the arm was configured to be more balanced. This led to a reduction in weight and therefore a reduction in the amount of energy needed to move the AEV. It was compared against the Team AEV Design in Performance Test 1 and was not continued forward for Performance Tests 2 and the Final Performance Test.

Team AEV Design: The Team AEV design used the cross shaped piece along with two smaller rectangles to make up the base. This was done so that the design could be balanced and the motors could be configured on opposite sides. This design was used in testing for the Advanced Research and Development. From the aR&D testing, it was decided to create a 3D printed base that would eliminate the excess space on the design and reduce the weight.

Final Team AEV Design: The Final Team AEV Design consisted of a 3D printed base that eliminated the need for using unnecessary brackets and screws. It also minimized the surface area, leading to a decreased weight. This design had motors configured on opposite sides and was very balanced. This design was ultimately used for the Final Performance Test.


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