Team Meeting 4

Team Meeting 4: 

Date: 28-February-2018 

Time: 8:00 p.m. (face to face) 

Members Present: Griffan Smith, Aaron Hughes, Rory Gilliland, and Jake Gottshall 

Topics Discussed: Advance R&D Labs, Oral Presentation, and Website Update 


Objective: The objective of today’s meeting was to discuss the previous labs that were completed by Rory and Jake these last 2 weeks so that Aaron and Griffan can get caught up with everything they missed. We also met to discuss our upcoming oral presentation and website update.


To-Do/Action Items: 

  • Assign roles for upcoming assignments
  • Discuss findings from Advanced R&D Labs
  • Complete website update
  • Complete power point for the oral presentation and prepare



-We decided to have Rory and Griffan work on the website update to finish that before Thursdays class

-We decided to assign Jake and Aaron with the creation of the power point presentation for Thursdays oral presentation

-For the oral presentation Rory will be talking about our Energy analysis findings and Jake will be talking about our Power Braking and Coasting findings. Aaron will talk about changes made to the AEV and Griffan will discuss future plans of action for our team and the direction on which we are headed



-Our group needs to compare data from power braking versus coasting to decided which would be efficient in terms of time and energy while also taking into account different variables such as the power of the motor.

-We need to talk with professor Busick and Rahel about the possibility for extra lab time to collect crucial data that was not able to be collected to the absence of Aaron and Griffan and the time crunch that Rory and Jake had to complete the lab.

-Everyone has been assigned appropriate roles for the upcoming week and each person needs to follow through with what they are responsible for.