Year two in review

The past two years at Ohio State have flown by and having realized my last post was almost a year ago, I decided to recap my sophomore year in one post. A lot has happened this year, almost so much that I am having a hard time remembering it all.

Starting in August of last year, I moved back to Baker Hall into a single room on the first floor. I participated in the OWL program again this past year and had a blast helping my peers move in. We were fortunate enough to go to Zoombezi Bay Waterpark on one of the free days after training and that allowed me to meet some of the people on my floor that I would spend the next two semesters with. The next week was Welcome Week, which I had looked forward to all summer. Not only was I working the booth for my Irish Dance team but I wanted to find new student orgs to join, especially a Christian group on campus. We added many new members to the dance team that day and they are all such great assets to the team. I also learned about a group called Crosswalk Outreach to the Homeless that I was super eager to join.


September seemed almost hotter than august in that non-airconditioned dorm; we were in the midst of football season though and hot and sunny days in the Shoe were some of the best. I had purchased tickets for the first time this year and I was lucky enough to get into Block O North as a Rank 2. My humanities program also held many events that month, my favorite being a trip to the Greek Fest downtown. I got a glimpse of what traditional greek dancing is like and taste tested so many amazing pastries! Another favorite of that month was Yappy Hour at the Gateway. There were so many precious dogs and I wanted them all. September also saw me filling my room with fresh flowers and going to the Country Living Fair with my mama for the like fifth year in a row. Fall was upon us and I was thriving.


to be continued…

Year in Review

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