About Me

Hi! My name is Emily Marie and I am from Worthington, Ohio which is about twenty minutes outside of Columbus. I am an only child, which has it pros and cons, but I have one cat and she is the best thing to ever happen to me. I consider myself to be very rooted in my Christian faith, and some of the best friendships I’ve had were made in my home church. I am also a competitive Irish dancer, and I have competed in both Ireland and Montreal at the World Championships.

I have chosen to attend THE Ohio State University partly because both of my parents attended college here and my mom currently works at the university, but I also am in love with every aspect of campus (except the lack of air conditioning in my dorm). I am a psychology major and am thinking of a disabilities studies minor. I hope to go on to graduate school after graduation, but I do not quite know what exactly I want to do following that. In high school, I had an amazing AP Psychology teacher and she is the number one reason that I am so fascinated by psychology. My first grade teacher and my eighth grade geometry teacher have also shaped me into the student that I am today, and the bond that I share with them is something that I will always be thankful for. I am proud to say that after my first year here at OSU, I have made the Dean’s List and without the help from teachers, like the three that I mentioned, I would not have learned the work ethic and determination needed to do so.