Humans of OSU

“My name is Ellen. I initially came to OSU from a small town in Ohio as a full-time student, and never left!” Before Ellen came to OSU though, she lived with her parents and younger brother and was an active member in the marching band, playing as first flute in the band. “Once at OSU, Ellen’s “…first job on campus was as part-time bookkeeper, and then as a manager, for the vendor who ran the restaurants in the old Ohio Union.” During her time at this job, Ellen met the man who would soon become her husband.  “I eventually started working directly for the University in the Orthodontic clinic at the Dental School, where I became eligible to receive one of the most awesome benefits of full-time employment at OSU – the free tuition!  After a year in the Dental school, I was ready for new challenges, so started working at the OSU Research Foundation. My original intention was just to work at OSU long enough to finish an Accounting degree, but I loved the people and environment so much, that I am still employed there 31 years later!” During her the time she has been employed here, Ellen has raised a daughter who is now currently a buckeye as well! She loves how OSU has had such an impact on her family, and couldn’t imagine what her life would have turned out like if she hadn’t chosen to attend and then work at OSU. “Go Bucks!”