Microbiology Club Overview

The Microbiology Club is a student-run organization that introduces Microbiology students to the potential behind future careers that are related to microbiology. Presenters from different companies that are currently looking to hire OSU Microbiology students come and talk to club members during some of the meetings and members are given opportunities to visit a wine brewery and the Riverside Hospital Lab Testing area.

Picture of the OhioHealth Riverside Methodist Hospital I got to Visit

As I was unable to be too active in the club for the 2018-2019 school year due to obligations with other organizations, I decided not to remain a member of the club for the 2019-2020 school year.

Day 1 – Seoul

May 3, 2019
We had booked a plane for the wrong date to Jeju Island. Therefore, we used the subway to travel from the Incheon Airport to the Domestic Gimpo Airport and tried to ask all the different agencies to see if they had any open seats for a flight to Jeju. Every single agency said that the next opening was probably the next day, so my older sister arranged with her boyfriend to choose a time and agency for the departure the next day.

The next opening for a flight to Jeju was planned for May 4th at 8:30 pm—where check-in began at 6:30 pm and boarding time began at 7:15 pm. As such, we stayed at the LOTTE Hotel across the street from the International GIMPO Airport, which had a mall connected to it, after we left the airport.

Day 0 – Flight Columbus -> Detroit -> Seoul

The Delta Airplane that will fly from Detroit to Seoul-Incheon Airport. Boarding time began at 1:00 pm Eastern Pacific Time – New York, and departed at 1:55 pm (same time zone) for a twelve and a half hour flight.

The view of some of the islands near South Korea on the Delta airplane.

The flight arrived at Seoul’s Incheon Airport on May 3rd, 2019 at 4:25 pm (South Korean Time). Supposedly there is a lot of air pollution, so face masks are suggested; however, the face mask I had was difficult to breathe in so I took it off.

Scholars Wellness Workshop

March 3, 2019 – 10:00 am – 2:00 pm – at RPAC Second Floor Meeting Rooms

At this Wellness Workshop (hosted by the Student Wellness Center), there were three stations—financial, physical, and mental wellness. I managed to get an entire bag of items and four hours of relaxation. On my back to my dorm room, it starting snowing so I walked faster and make sure to keep the newly potted tulip seeds and poster dry and clean. At each station, I found many resources that would likely be useful to me in the future. The main resources I hope to take advantage of before I graduate are the free coaching services for nutrition, finance, and wellness. I would love to be able to go to this event again as I had really enjoyed my time at this event.

Spring 2019 Review

I tried out the new studying method that was recommended and that I thought helped me last semester, and it worked for all but one class—Chemistry 1220 (General Chemistry 2). Luckily I barely passed the class, and will not have to take it again. I hope to have much better results in Organic Chemistry 1 in the Autumn 2019 semester and show that I know the material—I just don’t understand how to properly and correctly apply it to the questions on the General Chemistry exams.

Other than general chemistry 2, all of my other courses went well and the overall semester was rather enjoyable as I slowly got used to college life. I focused a little more on my courses, homework, and studying, and stopped signing up and making sure that I went to every single meeting for my clubs/associations so I had more time to study and get things done.

I went to wellness coaching a few more times this semester before deciding to stop uselessly going every week when I should actually fix and complete the previous week’s goal first. I also went to nutrition coaching once this semester to tell the coach about the problems I had when trying to complete the goal from the previous semester and we tried to find new solutions. I tried going on a single shopping trip and spending all of my swipes at once and then prepping and eating the meals as I went the rest of the week (carrying the food with me everywhere I went) and it worked for some time before I got tired of the food I ate every single week (the same food) and the plan fell apart again.

Once the semester ended (finished with all of my finals), I am heading to Jeju Island, South Korea for one month, then to Peru for one week.

Autumn 2018 Review

Autumn 2018 Semester

This first semester in college has been a very difficult adjustment to my life. Every weekend, I absolutely had to go back home and work at my mom’s restaurant so she could get one day off. Then, I would overpack my schedules with appointments, meetings, and other activities. Homework would take much more time than I originally thought it would, and I realized, I did not know how to properly study. As such, I have been meeting with a wellness coach and a nutrition coach to try and get my life back in order.

My wellness coach has been working with me to set weekly goals and try to achieve it. If I was not able to achieve my goals, then we would take about the problems that occurred and methods to try and solve it. I have successfully started to drag all the tasks I have to do in my head onto the reminders app on Apple devices so that I would feel less stressed and sleep better. My original goal of sleeping enough and on time has not been achieved yet. When I first went in, my goal was sleeping right—my day and night hours were flipped (work late into the night and sleep throughout the day). My first week, I successfully slept by 11:30 pm and woke at 7:00 am, but I would still feel tired throughout the day; therefore, we decided to set a goal of sleeping by 11:00 pm and waking up at 7:00 am. The following week of trying to achieve this goal, a lot of drama at college and problems at home made it impossible for me to sleep right. After falling out of a pattern, I was never able to achieve the goal as all sorts of problems came up, but we have been solving little problems in between and trying to eventually reach the goal of sleeping right.

With the nutrition coach, I have been setting mealtime goals—when I would eat and what I would eat. I do not meet with the nutrition coach as regularly as it was and still is very difficult for me to go from one meal a day (or not at all) to three meals a day with snacks in between. I  had problems with trying to fit meals in and had no idea how to pack food conveniently since I live in a dorm. As such, I decided to go in and talk to the nutrition coach for ideas. My nutrition coach suggested that whenever I went to get food at Curl, Scott, or any other places, that I bought enough for the next day.

As a first-generation college student, I was unsure of how big gaps in a schedule would actually work. I originally thought I would be able to go to libraries and study or do homework in the gaps in my schedule, but I would always add events/schedules or walk from place to place on campus rather than spending the time as I originally planned. As such, this semester’s schedule ended up being all over the place. Hopefully, my schedule next semester will be better than it is now. I planned for much smaller gaps (if any at all), 8:00 am class every day of the week (so I have a set time of when to wake up every morning), and ending earlier in the day (have time to plan stuff after classes finish to add appointments, meetings, and have a longer time to sit and work on homework).

General Resume

Attached is a general resume that is not tailored for anything. Much of the information on the resume can be found on different pages of my e-portfolio.

General Resume

2018-2019 G.O.A.L.S.

The following are the ways I plan to obtain achievement in each section of the G.O.A.L.S.:

Global Engagement

I plan to attend more clubs, go to more volunteering events, attend the Biological Sciences Scholars events, and attend classes. The Ohio State University is a very diverse place. As such, as long as I look around, I am learning more about diversity (all students have their own unique story—and just by meeting new people and making new friends, I can learn more about the rest of the world).

Original Inquiry

I plan to engage in research—either by the start of the Spring 2019 semester or by the start of my second year in college.

Academic Enrichment

College Four-Year Plan

I plan to learn more about different minors in order to explore more of the classes that are offered at The Ohio State University. I also made a four-year plan of the different classes in want to (or need to take). I am on the Pre-Medicine track and therefore joined many clubs that seemed like it would enrich my knowledge on the medical field.

Leadership Development

Leadership Development

I plan to develop my leadership skills by volunteering more, searching for chances to apply for leadership roles, and continuing to work at my mom’s restaurant.

Service Engagement

I am constantly signing up for new volunteering events, and I plan to have a regular volunteering shift at The James for the Spring 2019 semester.