Chow Line: Leafy Greens Suspected in Latest E. coli Food Poisoning Cases

November 30, 2018, Originally posted on CFAES website

I’m confused about the recent reports regarding leafy greens such as romaine lettuce. How is it that leafy greens can cause a foodborne illness?

Well, it is not the leafy greens themselves making people sick, but rather that they are the suspected source of pathogenic E. coli that has sickened some 58 people in Canada.

Photo: Getty Images


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You’re a Mean One… Mr. Recluse?

By: Ashley Kulhanek, ANR Extension Educator, Medina County, Originally posted on Buckeye Yard and Garden OnLine.

Jumping Spider with Santa Hat

It’s the holiday season (the holiday season…) and many are digging in attics and basements for decorations and bows, stored sweaters, coats and yes… SNOW boots.  Inevitably, Extension offices receive calls about the unfortunate spider (or stink bug) that was found, dead or alive, while sifting through packages, boxes or bags that haven’t seen the light of day for a year.  The question is, “Is it a brown recluse?”

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