Field Observations Thru September 8


Growth & Development

Most of the corn that I have seen this week is in either the R4 (Dough) or the R5 growth stage.

R5 – Dent

  • The second to last stage of corn development.
  • R5 (dent) occurs approximately 31‐33 days after silking.
  • Kernels are dented in at the top with the “milk line” separating the liquid and
    solid (starch) portions.
  • Within R5, kernels are often staged according to the progression of the milk line; i.e. ¼, ½, and ¾.
  • At the beginning of R5, kernels have 60% moisture content.
  • Stresses will reduce kernel weight at this time.


I have heard a wide range for projected corn yields this year.  The Yield Component Method is the most widely used procedure for estimating corn yield.  While  you are out checking potential corn yields, also keep an eye out for:

  • Ear rots.
  • Stalk rots.
  • Anthracnose top dieback.
  • Stalk lodging.
  • Abnormal ear fill which identifies periods of stress.
  • Weed escapes (especially palmer & waterhemp).


Growth & Development

Soybeans are continuing to mature.  Last week I highlighted the R6 growth stage  the next stage is R7 the last growth stage prior to maturity.

R7 – Begining Maturity

  • One mature-colored pod anywhere on the main stem.
  • Yellow pods are moving toward maturity.
  • Tan, brown or tawny pods (depending on variety) signal physiological maturity.
  • Seeds at the R7 growth stage are at approximately 60% moisture.


  • Foliar diseases – Sudden Death Syndrome, White Mold, and Frogeye Leaf Spot.
  • Insect feeding – Grasshoppers.
  • Weed escapes (especially Palmer and Waterhemp).

Estimating soybean yields

It is much more difficult to accurately predict soybean yield.  The process to estimate soybean yields can be found here.

County Rainfall Update

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