Webinar series on Solar Development in Ohio

Do you want to know more about what’s happening with Ohio solar energy development?  Join us for a five-part webinar series reviewing the current state of solar development in Ohio and explaining the solar development process. Attend one, several, or all of the following webinar sessions:

May 23: Solar Development Overview and Trends

• We’ll give an overview of Ohio solar development and discuss industry and technology trends, dual use of land for solar energy and agricultural production, and community and regulatory issues with solar development.

May 24: Leasing Land for Solar Development

• This session targets landowners considering a solar lease. We’ll cover pre-leasing issues, solar lease phases, common legal terms, and best management practices for leasing.

May 25: Connecting to the Electric Grid

• Approval to connect to the grid is a necessary and critical part of the solar development process. We’ll provide an overview of the electric utility system, regulatory jurisdiction, and interconnection procedures and timelines.

May 30: Solar Project Approval in Ohio

• Ohio regulatory requirements for solar projects have changed in recent years. This session explains solar project application procedures, state oversight, and new laws allowing county and township oversight of solar development. May 31: Construction and Post-Construction Considerations • What does solar project construction involve, and what happens at the end of a project’s life? We’ll cover the construction process, common construction issues, regulatory oversight of construction, and requirements for decommissioning a project in the future.

Learn more and register at go.osu.edu/solarwebinars.

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