Knox County Master Gardeners Awarded 2021 Outstanding Community Service Award

The Knox County Master Gardener Volunteers received the 2021 Ohio State Master Gardener Outstanding Community Service Award during the Ohio State Master Gardener annual awards program. To be eligible for the award the project needs to help support the community and lead to a raised awareness of the Ohio State University Extension Master Gardener Program.

The Knox Community Landmarks purchased the remaining Lustron home in Mount Vernon. The bank is restoring the house to the original look/feel of the 1945 home. The goal is for the Lustron House to be used an educational bed and breakfast for local and out of county individuals to learn about the history of Luston homes and see periodic gardens. In the summer of 2020, the Knox County Master Gardeners were asked to help with the restoration of the gardens to resemble the original owners 1945 design.

Future objectives for the project include creating five different garden areas that may resemble gardens from the 1940’s. The focal garden will reflect the original owners design, while other areas will be a rose garden, periodic vegetable garden, and all-season bulb garden from the 1940’s.

Currently, Knox County has 23 active Master Gardeners who volunteer their time throughout the county to provide education training and assistance with horticultural related topics. OSU Extension Educator, Sabrina Schirtzinger coordinates the county’s Master Gardener Program. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a volunteer visit, email or call 740-397-0401.

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