Small Ruminant AI Day in Licking County (August 21, 2021)

Dean Kreager, OSU Extension Educator ANR, Licking County

Artificial Insemination (AI) results from a multi-breeder insemination day in Licking County.

(Image Source: K Bar K Farm)

The Licking County Sheep Improvement Association has been working with OSU Extension to provide the opportunity for multiple breeders to bring sheep to one location for artificial insemination. The August 2020 date marked the 3rd year of this event. Insemination of 104 sheep occurred during the 2020 event and included both fresh and frozen semen.

Below, breeding results from the 2020 event include the use of 20 different rams among 10 different producers.

  • 71 inseminations with frozen semen and 33 with fresh
  • Overall percentage of ewes inseminated resulting in live births = 55.8%
  • Live lambs birthed per ewe = 1.53
  • Pregnancy rate with fresh semen = 66.7%
  • Pregnancy rate with frozen semen = 50.7%

These results provide an idea of results that could result from such procedures. Artificial insemination allows access to high quality genetics that would otherwise not be possible for many breeders from across the nation and around the world. We are continuing this program with another artificial insemination day planned for August 21, 2021. This year we are also including goats which may be held on August 22nd if there is enough interest. If you are interested in participating, please contact Dean Kreager at 740-618-6332 or by email at

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