Soil pH; vital to maintaining productive and healthy forage stands

The first session of the 2021 Ohio Beef Cattle Management School was hosted via ZOOM by the Ohio State University Extension Beef Team on January 18. During that first session the focus was on making quality hay for beef cattle with an emphasis on soil fertility and seed species selection.

In this excerpt from that evening’s presentation, Ohio State University Extension Educator Jason Hartschuh discusses the importance of one of the most misunderstood factors involved in maintaining high yielding forage stands . . . that is proper soil pH. Listen in as Jason discusses the importance of soil pH and the factors surrounding it.

Enjoy Jason’s presentation regarding “Fertility requirements that prolong the life, quality & productivity of hay and forage crops embedded below in it’s entirety.

Find details on the 2021 Ohio Beef School sessions that continue each Monday evening through February 22nd linked here.

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