Upcoming Session to Focus on Long-term Success in High Tunnel Production

Originally posted in the VegNet Newsletter

Investments in high tunnels and high tunnel production are among the most significant growers can make, especially if the tunnels are stationary (not designed to move) and income from the tunnels is critical to the farm. Getting the most from tunnels from the start and over the long run is important. A session summarizing steps toward that goal will be held on Thursday April 23, beginning at 12 PM ET. The session is part of the OSUE Ag Madness series (https://go.osu.edu/agmadness) and will focus on major challenges and emerging opportunities in high tunnel production. Specific topics will include soil health, and new crops and high tunnel technologies — information for all high tunnel users, regardless of experience. Please see https://agnr.osu.edu/events/agriculture-and-natural-resources-madness to connect and contact Matt Kleinhenz (kleinhenz.1@osu.edu; 330.263.3810) for information. We look forward to seeing you there!

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