Mobile Hops Dryer

Originally posted in the OSU Extension Spring 2018 Hops Bulletin

Currently hop farmers need to endure the expense of building a hop drying facility or barn to dry their hops to the correct moisture percentage before they can be pelletized. A big highlight of the Ohio Hops Conference included a demonstration of a mobile hop drying system that was designed and built by Dave Volkman owner of Ohio Valley Hops in Maineville, Ohio.

Dave was able to secure funding for the development of this new to Ohio hops drying system through the North Central Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education Farmer Rancher grant program, a grant program open
to any farmer to conduct their own on farm research and educational programming. For more information on how you can apply for funding visit With Ohio Valley Hops new mobile drying system the dryer can be towed behind a pickup truck anywhere in the state and hops can be dried immediately after they are harvested out in the hop yard, saving new and smaller acreage growers the expense of building and managing a on farm drying facility. For more information on the mobile hop
dryer contact Dave Volkman at


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