Volunteer with Community Roots

Kim Frye, Community Roots, Urban Arbors and Master Gardener Volunteer

Community Roots, formerly known as Glass Gardens Greenhouse, the approximately six acres at the end of West Gambier Street in Mount Vernon has experienced a shift in land use since Glass Gardens closed its doors in 2010.

Now known as Community Roots, these abandoned greenhouses and fields are being used as the site of community programs that restore the historical horticultural use, while also developing agricultural and land stewardship programs. Seeking to directly support and supplement your programs. 

We’re up to 4 volunteers/week now! Come be a part of your community and join us sometime. Open Volunteer days are Thursday-Saturdays 10-4; sign up here: http://signup.com/go/uJAAdFR.Or contact us to set up a volunteer day that works for you and your group!

Re purposing our fancification material leftover from the potluck to create a break space for our volunteers! It’s actually pretty warm.

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