Mattox Award

Silvia is the first two-time winner of the Mattox Award for research this year, at the OSU School of Communication. The Sarah Evans Mattox Faculty Research endowment provides support on a competitive basis for a faculty member’s research.  Specifically this award is to be given to a highly productive, innovative faculty member who conducts research on “the impact of media on public opinion and/or society,”  and is based on articles that have been published during 2017. Silvia’s nine publications in 2017 appeared in Human Communication ResearchJournal of Communication, Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, Health Communication, Journal of Communication in Healthcare, and Communication Monographs.

Presentations Accepted for International Communication Association conference in Prague/Czech Republic

  • Luong, K. T., Knobloch-Westerwick, S., & Niewiesk, S. (2018). Superstars are within reach: The role of perceived attainability & role congruity in media role models on women’s social comparison.
  • Sarge, M., & Knobloch-Westerwick, S. (2018). Examining selective exposure to weight management articles as a danger control response.
  • Sude, D., Knobloch-Westerwick, S., Westerwick, A., & Robinson, M. (2018). Prey to peers’ postings: Mass media versus blended communication impacts on confirmation bias, attitude change.
  • Tao, C.-C., Shen, Y., Knobloch-Westerwick, S., & Potter, R. (2018). The selective exposure paradox: Prior attitude, eye movements, and attitude polarization.

Two new publications ‘in press’

Pearson, G., & Knobloch-Westerwick, S., (in press). Perusing pages and skimming screens: Exploring differing patterns of selective exposure to hard news and high credibility sources in online and print news. New Media & Society.

Wilson, B., Knobloch-Westerwick, S., & Robinson, M. (in press). Picture yourself healthy–How users select mediated images to shape health intentions and behaviors. Health Communication.


AEJMC conference in Chicago 2017


Bri Wilson presenting our paper “Picture Yourself Healthy–How Social Media Users Select Images to Shape Health Intentions and Behaviors” — this year’s Top Theory paper in the CT&M division.


At D4 Irish Pub – From left to right: George Pearson, Missy Robinson, Silvia Knobloch-Westerwick, Bri Wilson, Daniel Sude