Inequality and Space

These articles focus on poverty and the things that could ameliorate or exacerbate it (like access to homeownership, access to credit, and workforce and economic development) as well as how to measure the spatial distribution of urban poverty at the county level.

Nagase, Daisuke and Kleit, RG.  2017. Redlining Again? Spatial Differences in Residential Mortgage Accessibility during Boom and Bust in Ohio is a report to the Ohio Real Estate Commission, Grant 2016-001, which examines mortgage lending patterns in five Ohio metropolitan areas: Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, and Toledo.  The report’s analysis compares neighborhood residential mortgage lending patterns in the periods during the housing boom (2004-2007), during the bust (2008-2011), and during recovery (2012-2015).

Ray, A.; Gallo, M.; Green, P.; Velarde, S.; Ibarra, B.; Airgood-Obrycki, W.; Kleit, R.G. (2017). Homelessness and Education in Florida: Impacts on Children and Youth.  Shimberg Center for Housing Studies, University of Florida, Gainesville, United States; Miami Homes for All.

Kleit, Rachel Garshick and T. Brad Foster. 2015. The Changing Relationship between Housing and Inequality, 1980-2010. Housing Policy Debate 25 (1):16-40.

Chrisinger, Colleen, Christopher S. Fowler and Rachel Garshick Kleit.2015. Industry Clusters and Employment Outcomes in Washington StateEconomic Development Quarterly 29(3): 199-210.

Fowler, Christopher C., Cover, Jane K, Kleit, Rachel Garshick. 2014. The Geography of Fringe BankingJournal of Regional Science 54(4): 688-710.

Fowler, Christopher S. and Rachel Garshick Kleit. 2014. The effects of industrial clusters on the poverty rate. Economic Geography 90 (2): 129-154. doi: 10.1111/ecge.12038

Chrisinger, Colleen, Christopher S. Fowler and Rachel Garshick Kleit.  2012. Shared skills: occupation clusters for poverty alleviation and economic development.  Urban Studies 49 (5): 3403-3425.  .

Wang, Man, Rachel Garshick Kleit, Jane Cover, and Christopher S. Fowler.  2012. Spatial variations in U.S. poverty:  beyond metropolitan and non-metropolitan. Urban Studies 49 (3): 563-585.

Cover, Jane, Amy Fuhrman Spring, and Rachel Garshick Kleit. 2011. Minorities on the margins? The spatial organization of fringe banking services.  Journal of Urban Affairs 33 (3): 317-344.



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