My research focuses on the role of housing in poverty alleviation, including work on the problems of inequality and housing location, social networks in mixed-income neighborhoods,  public housing redevelopment, the transformation of public housing authorities as organizations, housing as a platform or as promoting self-sufficiency.  I’ve organized my research into 6 categories.  For a complete list in reverse chronological order, see my CV on my Knowlton School Page or other profiles on Google Scholar or Researchgate

Current Research

This page discusses some of the in-progress research on which I am working.

Recent Research

Going Local to Support Fair Housing: Establishing the Move to PROSPER Housing Mobility Program in Poverty and Race Research Action Council’s quarterly journal Poverty and Race (2019).

Public Housing Authorities in the Private Market in Housing Policy Debate with Whitney Airgood-Obrycki and Anaid Yerena (2019)

Inequality and Space

These articles focus on poverty and the things that could ameliorate or exacerbate it (like access to homeownership, access to credit, and workforce and economic development) as well as how to measure the spatial distribution of urban poverty at the county level.

Social Networks, Community and Mixed-Income Housing

This research focuses on answering questions about communities in the context of housing that mixes households of varied income levels:

  • What are social relationships like in mixed-income housing settings?
  • Does living with people who are different from you are create relationships?
  • Are the relationships created useful for social support, economic stability?

Public Housing Redevelopment, Relocation and Location Decisions

These articles focus on the anticipation and experience of relocation due to public housing redevelopment.  The populations for these students include ethnic immigrants from Vietnam, East Africa, and Cambodia, as well as US-born people of color and anglos.

Public Housing Transformation

As affordable housing policy has changed over the 35 years or so to become more focused on using the market to deliver affordable housing, how have public housing authorities changed?  What makes them innovate?  How does public housing transformation happen in equitable ways?


Assisted housing self-sufficiency programs use vouchers or public housing as a platform for engagement in social services, education, and workforce development.

HOPE VI Evaluation Reports

These are the 10 evaluation reports from the 5 HOPE VI public housing redevelopment projects on which I have worked since the early 2000’s.