Congrats to Vigyanshu Mishra and Zhenyu Wang for successfully defending their PhD dissertations

Vigyanshu Mishra successfully defended his PhD dissertation entitled: “Wearable Electrically Small Resonant Loops for Seamless Motion Capture and WBANs.”

Zhenyu Wang successfully defended his PhD dissertation entitled: “A Proximity Sensor for the Steering Wheel Based on Leaky Coaxial Cable.”

Congratulations to both!

Prof. Kiourti receives NSF CAREER award

Prof. Kiourti has received the NSF CAREER by the Division of Computer and Network Systems. This 5-year, $528k, award will explore a design, modeling, and implementation framework that reconciles human-in-the-loop Cyber-Physical Systems with conductive e-textile sensors operating in complex (human wearing a sensing fabric) and dynamic (real-world) environments. Further information is available here.

Awarded NSF ECCS grant on Magneto-Inductive Waveguides for Wireless Body Area Networks

We are awarded a 3-year, $365k, grant by NSF ECCS for our project on: “Magneto-Inductive Waveguides: Interconnecting the Next Generation of Wearables and Implants“. The goals of this project are to enable fundamental scientific understanding of Wireless Body Area Networks (WBANs) relying on Magneto-Inductive Waveguides (MIWs), investigate their real-world application challenges and develop mitigation techniques, including fabric implementations and testing on human subjects, and explore advanced aspects for MIW integration with existing sensors and mobile devices. Further information is available here.

Received President’s Research Excellence (PRE) Accelerator grant

We have been awarded one of the President’s Research Excellence (PRE) Accelerator grants as seed support for cross- and interdisciplinary research that has the potential to attract external funding. The project is in collaboration with Prof. David Hoelzle, Prof. Jinghua Li, and Prof. Desmond D’Souza, and will explore: “In-Situ 3D Printing of Wireless Medical Implants.” Further information is available here.

Vigyanshu Mishra receives URSI Young Scientist Award

Vigyanshu Mishra has been selected by URSI to receive a Young Scientist Award. These awards recognize an international group of individuals who have made innovative contributions and discoveries in multidiscipline research related to electromagnetic fields and waves. Further information is available here.

Ally Rice earns prestigious NASA fellowship

Ally Rice has been selected to receive a  NASA Space Technology Graduate Research Opportunities (NSTGRO) fellowship. According to the award letter, Ally was “chosen to develop groundbreaking, high-risk/high-payoff, early-stage space technology. (Her) contributions will help make science and space exploration more effective, affordable, and sustainable.”