Received an NSF SCH grant on wearable metabolic rate monitors

We are awarded a 4-year Smart and Connected Health (SCH) grant by the National Science Foundation (NSF) on “Personalized Wearable Metabolic Rate Monitors and Learning Social Networks – A Synergy for Smart Connected Health”. At the core of this new wearable monitoring technology sits a novel proposed smart material designed to exhibit reversible actuating behavior when exposed to skin acetone, a chemical known to directly relate to fat metabolism. Read more HERE.

Shanila Reza receives prestigious OSU undergraduate scholarship

Shanila Reza has received a prestigious scholarship by The Undergraduate Honors Committee in the OSU College of Engineering. This scholarship is towards support of her Honors Research Distinction project entitledInductive Monitoring of Joint Kinematics: A Study of Canonical vs. Anatomical Tissue Models”.

Received a grant from NIH on wideband radiometry for core temperature monitoring

We are awarded a 2-year R03 grant by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) on a “Non-Invasive Wideband Radiometer for Accurate Core Temprature Monitoring”. Current means of measuring core temperature present a tradeoff between invasiveness and accuracy. Instead, we propose to explore the feasibility of an alternative radiometry technique that leverages innovations in broadband measurements, forward modeling of layered tissues, and dry biomimetic antennas to enable non-invasive, accurate, and real-time core temperature monitoring. Read more HERE.