~Shadowing Dr. Boehmer~

I was lucky enough to shadow the head of the ER at Dublin Methodist Hospital.  I followed Dr. Boehmer into each room and learned many interesting things as I went along.  One thing in particular that stood out to me was one patient who was a heroin addict.  I had definitely heard about drug addicts coming into hospitals and making up symptoms to receive drugs, I just did not realize how often it occurred.  This patient was saying everything they could to receive any type of painkiller.  Another thing that stood out to me was a little kid with a bad family situation.  The parents of the little kid were divorced. One of the parents was originally at the ER with the little kid, then the next thing I knew, the other parent came in and started fighting with the parent that was already there to take the kid home.  This stood out to me because when I think of becoming a doctor, I typically only think of the medical part of it.  However, these experiences made me realize that knowing what to do in various situations and interacting with families is also a huge part of the job.  Shadowing Dr. Boehmer was an awesome experience, and it definitely taught me a lot about the field.