~YWCA Kids Place Summer Program Leader~

Over the summer, I worked as a camp counselor for the YWCA. I was placed in the “Explorer’s” classroom, which means I worked with kids ranging from 5th-8th grade. This was an amazing experience. Not only did I meet so many incredible people, but I developed my leadership skills further, made connections with some wonderful kids, and got experience working with a few kids with Autism. My role as a camp counselor was to implement daily activities such as arts and crafts, stay with the kids to make sure everyone was safe and having fun, and be a chaperone on field trips. I not only had a lot of fun doing this job, but I learned how to handle many different situations that involved conflict among the kids. With middle school-aged kids comes lots of drama, and I was the mediator between a couple of groups of people who did not get along. I made it clear that there would be no forms of bullying or exclusion in my classroom, and handled each conflict in the way that I felt would help the people involved learn from the situation. Aside from the occasional drama, I really enjoyed getting to know each kid and helping them have a great summer.

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