Spatial Assembly

I chose a 13x16x13 spaced room because I wanted to have a fairly balanced space. Although the depth was required to be larger than the width, it helps provide more space to work with when creating a room.
This was my original attempt at a room. I included a desk with shelves because I always use my desk shelves, but also, the repetition of their shape and size is appealing. secondly, I placed a plant in the front on the desk and in the back corner as it helps unify my room. The similar qualities in texture aids this intention. The two general structure included are the fireplace and doorway. I involved the fireplace as it provides a structure coming off the wall. This helps fill the space, but also gives the viewer an idea of where the eye-level is positioned. The juxtaposition in the chair and couch demonstrates depth. Even though they are the same size, the viewer understands in context of a room it is a logical sizing. The balloons were an impulsive decision. I later removed them, demonstrating why planning is important. I wanted to add a fun element (making a perpetual office party). Their size and form were unsuccessful.
I continued to add a mirror and a lamp. I felt the space was too empty, not allowing for a comforting atmosphere.
To finalize my project I added more shading. I included a circular string switch to my lamp to complement the circular pattern in the mirror. Furthermore, I kept similar line and hatch shading in the couch, fireplace, and desk as they have the similar rectangular prism form. Although the shading is similar, the values help make the objects harmonious while keeping their individual qualities.