Game Ideas


My story is about hunger overcoming a person overwhelmed by daily task. It relies on others to help provide remedy for the pain. A theme in this was consumption. Work consumed all of Teri’s time, then she consumed her boyfriend out of extreme hunger and exhaustion.

  • Focus on routine
  • Daily activity
  • Keep it simple and mundane

Game Structures

  1. Board Game Style (Life inspired)
    1. Mechanics- Pick a card with a question about a daily routine or habit on it. Roll die and match the number on the card that will allow you to complete the action. Depending on the card’s info and the number rolled determines whether the move forward, backwards or stay in place on the board.
    2. Goal- Reach the end of the board and roll above a 3, this will allow the characters to eat or else they turn in to a worm.
    3. Conflict- The cards are grouped into three categories. The first are cars that will move you forward if you roll the correct answer. The second are cards that will not move you, but rather provide some sort of bonus. The main conflict players will face are the cards that put you back spaces when the wrong number is rolled.
  1. Puzzle Style (Blockus inspired)
    1. Mechanic- Each player has the same pieces that all have different shapes and sizes, and a color specific to them. The players have to fit their pieces in the stomach without overlapping or placing their own piece next to one their other pieces.
    2. Goal- Fill the woman’s stomach, so it fits perfectly as to not upset the stomach lining. Be the first out of pieces or have the least amount of piece left when no other moves can be made.
    3. Conflict- The woman’s stomach is empty and needs your help to be filled with the “food” pieces.
  1. Card Style
    1. Mechanic-Cards that move pieces (players) around a linear board full of discreet spaces. There are three cards: Work, Eat, and Food.
    2. Goal- The goal of the game is to get through the day without starving. This is through the collection of food cards and removing all pending Eat cards.
    3. Conflict- The game has multiple players and there are limited number of Food cards. If one gets three Eat cards and can not remove them with a Food card, they starve and lose automatically; however, the other players may continue to play.




Originally there was to be a game board and pieces to move; however, sue to the thematic message of routine, a circular rotation and free movement of cards better suited the concept.