Pattern and Scale


This project implores one to develop a two patterns centered around form and scale. The two patterns are to be derived from one of the final graphics of the Color and Pattern Project. The pattern will be interpreted on a 3 dimensional level. The two models aim to evoke depth and volume. Layers are a required element as is the use of Bristle paper (chipboard may be used as a supporting element).







I determined to create the sense of volume by building up the layers. Balance is an essential component for this design. I maintain balance in this asymmetric piece by having the focal point be the large, completed design with smaller, partially formed designs fanning off to one side. The varied arrangement of heights at the focal point produce a full, voluminous effect contrasted by the adjacent deescalating, smoother layers.


Movement emphasizes the feeling of depth. I  created a spiral downward in my depth construction to emote negative, below sentiments- traits of depth. It was not necessarily a cone, yet that was the inspiration. The concentric circles in the middle coordinate with the looping circles in my design, but the sharp triangular components from the original graphic are used sparingly as it is a softer contrast, not essential to the priority of depth. The motion emanating from the spiraled circles focalizes the centered design. I used depth for this emphasized point.


Presented to the farthest left are various ideations I created at the start of the project. While reflecting on my graphic, I produced several ideas and documented them in my moleskin via quick sketches. After deciding which evoked the sense of volume most, I made a rough paper prototype, in order to grasp how it could be 3 dimensionally replicated. Lastly, I developed a blueprint of the various layers involved.

*The plan does not match the final model as the weight of the paper and chip board were not factor in, and so more layers had to be added accordingly. Also, to focalize the completed, large design, I added the most layers there.





Similar to my Volume process, I began by generating a range of possible directions. I noticed a pattern in my use of a cone, and developed the spiral shape of that basis. I also made a paper prototype for this one, unfortunately no documentation was made. A strategy for the layers was the final step before construction.









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