Journey to Treasure


Observation and analysis of an environment is a skill that helps designers communicate more effectively. This assignment was to provide verbal instructions to a classmate that led to a unique space on campus, and then using the instructions received draw pivotal points encountered on the way to that unique location. The goal was to actively observe one’s journey ┬áin order to expose the small traits within the Ohio State campus that often go overlooked. Drawing from observation through triangulation and sensorial awareness produced accurate images that conveyed a recognizable location.



This project developed my skills in drawing what I observe. Furthermore, I went on my journey around three times, experiencing how familiarity can lead to extracting smaller details. Initially, I was overwhelmed by the complexity of the campus, and got lost on numerous occasions. This immense input of new surroundings is illustrated in the final project through the intense use of line and detail. The viewer can feel the chaos and confusion I experienced as a new student. I believe the end results may have benefitted from lighter lines in some aspect, but heavy contrast also speaks to the intense emotional state I was in due to the transition. The five scenes were chosen as a key points in my journey. The first is outside of Hayes, a known start. The next two are points I realized I was lost, and the second to last is the moment I recovered to the right path. Lastly, my instructions took me to the giant steps concealed in Knowlton library.


I took three trips following my directions. The first was purely observational. The second I wrote down and did small sketches along the way. The third I drew out the foundation of my final work.


To see more the process leading up to the finalized Journey to Treasure Project follow this link: