Imagined Journey


This assignment is designed to communicate the personal experience from the Journey to Treasure Project. The content is focused on the invisible qualities such as time, emotion, and sensory components. These sentiments are presented through a visual medium. This reimagined experience is developed around the narrative and personal perspective of the creator. Overall, the goal is to emulate the mood and process of the original journey for a new audience to witness via observation, interpretation, and abstraction.


This project emphasizes my personal experience of the first journey at the start of the semester. I found this to be an interesting time to reflect on because that journey through campus was before I knew any of the geography. I felt confused, uncertain, and alone. I was in a new place, on my own for the first time of my life. My goal was to generate that mood of lost and confused, but incorporate an element of how that has changed. I chose a pair of shoes to be the character that represents me because shoes are a relatable item and the epitome of travel. The checkered vans are designed around a pair of shoes I own. Essentially, the audience is “walking in my shoes”. The sneakers start out getting lost at every turn and having to retrace their steps. At one point, the pair is split up, and loneliness sets in. Similar to my experience, once accompanied with their friend, the journey can be completed, and they arrive at the final destination. Originally small, verbal comments were to be included; however, the song, “Birthday Suit” by Cosmic Sheldrake possessed a beat that emanates the mood I felt as I journeyed.


I used a combination of Adobe Sketch and Photoshop to create the following components of the animation. Adobe Sketch was excellent for creating the hand-drawn aesthetic, and Photoshop helped cut and position the parts and scenes. I kept the backgrounds black and white in order to bring emphasis to the shoes and dramatize the final destination.
Above demonstrates how I abstracted the underlying emotions and components of my first journey. Also, there is my first breakdown of how I could use an animation as my vessel to demonstrate the aforementioned sentiments.


These are some thumbnails made for determining the story’s visuals. Some of the quick sketches here contributed to the final animation.










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