Dynamic Page


This assignment is about states of existence. It takes two discrete ideas, not necessarily opposites, and analyzes the transition between them. It is the question of what are the definitive traits of something and how does one add or subtract to that to create something new. Through the use of paper form and layers, the page demonstrates the movement from idea to idea. Overall, the assignment suggests that concepts exist in more than binary states, but can be shown as a continuous narrative.





My dynamic page is about consumption, specifically in the corrupt nicotine industry. Pictured front and center is a young girl, within her possession is a vape device commonly used by many of my peers. After gliding the device towards her lips, the viewer can pull the side tab to see the color shift from a bright warm pink to austere black. It is symbolic of the devices’s poison- as one consumes nicotine, it consumes one’s brain and thoughts. Following the color change, one can flip the side panels to reveal money being blown away. The bills appear to be flying away in waste, taking all the user’s money. Finally, the exposing of the blackened lungs in the girl’s chest provides a conclusion to this narrative. The product has done its damage, and the stage-reveal is a curtain opening to the story that will play out due to this corrupt system. However, this is a bidirectional story because every action can be reset. For example, just as the money can be blown away, the tab can close and capture the paper. The color of the brain and eye have moments where the pink and black are visible, acknowledging that through reverse effort the story does not have to end in rot. It is the in between moments that define the conclusion.


I created a visual for how I wanted my two definitive states to appear. After, I made each component, adding to the whole as I constructed. This was a layer- heavy project.
I determined that consumption was my strongest idea because I had various examples of what consumption is in the world. I decided nicotine consumers had an interesting bidirectional relationship with the word consumption because the products consumes the user as the user consumes the product.





Above are a few example of different test mechanics that made it into the final product.


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