Abstracted Metamorphosis


This assignment asks for the break down of organic form into its essential components, the simple parts that compose the complex whole. These components are then abstracted and reconstructed into a new form. Through experimentation and iterations the rebuilt structures include detail, texture, and volume. This process will be completed for three different natural objects or beings. The 3 new forms function as 1 volumetric structure that could contain more than one person, 1 object that could support one person, 1 object for use by one person. Research and abstraction aids the discovery of potential forms. The end goal is to understand that representations are built upon a range of abstractions founded on perception and intent.



Above shows three organic forms transformed into a functional structure. I designed a plant into a bathtub, a bee into a gumball machine, and a gourd into a gazebo. Creating an object that can support one person was the biggest challenge for me because it forced me to think about what defines the word supporting. I examined how clothes, seats, and even an urn can support a person in either physical or spiritual sense. I determined that a bath tub best fit this theme. The curves of the broken down leaves produce a serene, wave-like movement.  I used the gum ball machine design for the object that can be used by a person because the sharp triangles generate a modern, mechanical appearance- an interesting contrast as a bee is sporadic and fuzzy. My final abstraction became a gazebo. I made a gazebo out of both the plant and the gourd; however, the gourd’s long, curved components made better for a layered roof. When broken into their essential components the objects are confusing and random; however, through shading and the inclusion of a human, a new perception of the object can be produced

The tub was initially created out of the leaf components, so in reference to its roots I created some test patterns based on the leaf texture. I determined the texture to be too intense for the entirety of the form; as a result, the finalized drawing poses the celled texture on the top ledges.
The gum ball machine was created with the intention of focusing on two textures- glass and plastic. I later decided to create metal support poles.The glass was designed based on looking at fish bowls. To create the sense that it is hollow I added gumballs to my final design. Lastly, the plastic is glossy, so light highlights were included to project that quality.
I experimented with different textures to distinguish the parts of the gazebo. I determined that asphalt shingles would be a realistic material choice for the roof. I contrasted the rough pattern of the roof with wooden rails and support beams. I added the fence aesthetic around the perimeter as geometric combat to the circular shape of the base structure. The flooring was considered initially, but I decided I had enough textures and it was a small portion of the area. I created a shaded floor in the final creation in order to increase the sense of depth.

















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