2D Principles and Squares


This project explores how the elements and principles of design act as tools for communicating meaning. It looks at how the words order, increase, bold, playful, congested, and tension can be conveyed through four black or white squares. The project was created through analogue sketches of sharpie and tracing paper, and then transferred to a digital platformed using vector software.


This project introduced me to expressing meaning through the design tools as opposed to creating a representation of the word’s definition. My immediate thought for increase was a arrow pointing straight up. Even though an arrow is a preconcieved symbol, I transitioned the design into showing a scale increase, as well as created a sense of increasing motion in the negative space. I believe contrast is well highlighted in the congested box as it shows a claustrophib portion of squares, as well as the polarity of open space. I was conflicted with going outside the 3×3 frame; however, I believe this decision elevated the final outcomes especially in the order design. The symmetric sides emenate a sense of stability, a key trait in the word’s meaning. Overall, this project was a crucial moment in understanding the design tools as a language to building each design. It made me consider how I can chose a specific element or principle of design to be a priority, and then build off that quality.


To see more physical sketches and the process leading up to the finalized 2D Squares Project follow this link: