My Recipient

Jack Mcdermott-Sweeney

I acquired various information through his designer website and social media, but the response to my questions guided much of personal component. I highlighted major influences.

  1. What is your definition of design?
    1. To design is to think. Design is a way to approach problems and come up with solutions that bridges gaps between disciplines. Design is a practice in empathy and the attempt to understand the experiences of others.
  2. Are there any design quotes that you know or that have shaped your design style/process?
    1. “Effort will never betray you.”
  3. Why design?
    1. I love the ambiguity of design — it’s the perfect blend of art and science. I like the challenge of subjectivity and the process of researching a problem.
  4. What do you hope to do as a designer?
    1. I am a UX designer and product strategist.
  5. What aspect of a gift do you consider the most important?
    1. The most important thing about a gift is who it comes from and what they mean to me. I’m likely to respond stronger to an accompanying note, card, or letter than I am the actual gift. I’m not a very material person so intent is always more valuable than the act of giving.
  6. How the packaging of a gift add to the experience of receiving it?
    1. There are some really cool ways packaging can reflect the character of the gift or even be incorporated with the gift itself. When I had this project in design foundations, I spent the majority of my time working on the packaging — it set expectations for the gift inside.
  7. What’s one thing you wish you would’ve known going into this project?
    1. The receiver might not have anything to say about your gift. When I was in your position, I never got to meet the receiver of my gift, and they never reached out with thank you or, more importantly, feedback. It was a serious bummer — so just know I’ll be sure to express my gratitude.
  8. What hobbies outside of design interest you?
    1. Baseball. Running. Music production. World travel.
  9. How would you describe your aesthetic?
    1. Simple and ascetic. I don’t like flashy or attention-seeking colors, patterns, or tricks. I value bare-bones design sensibilities — look into Dieter Rams’ principles of good design.
  10. How would you describe yourself?
    1. My bark is worse than my bite.
  11. What would be your last meal on death row?
    1. Breakfast bagel and hot coffee.
  12. If you could live the life of a character from a movie or TV show, who would you be? Why?
    1. Leslie Knope, because she has her sh*t together.
  13. What would the name of your autobiography be?
    1. My Short Stupid Life.
  14. You have your own late night talk show, who do you invite as your first guest?
    1. Johnny Cash.
  15. Favorite font?
    1. Helvetica.