Gift Exercise 2

  1. PhotoStory SX

Photostory was the first app I tested. I did not find it easy to use and had to look up how to input the images I wanted. I found that the free version of this app was limited and unhelpful. I attempted to create a short digital “flipbook”; however, the storage was to limited.


  1. iMovie

I am more familiar with iMovie, and I discovered I could create my digital “flipbook” quite easily by inputting photos and timing it accordingly. iMovie was more user friendly, and despite being the free version, I could successfully create a short film.

  1. Motionbook

I practiced a lot with Motionbook, and I found it to be a user-friendly app. I wanted to incorporate photos in my animation, so this was not an appropriate app for what I wanted to do. But this works super well if wanting to draw each frame and create seamless movement. See attachment for short practice creation.



  1. Sketchbook

I got familiar with sketchbook in the Narrative project. It works well for drawing out scenes using my ipad. I figure I can use this in conjunction with Photoshop’s timeline as it lets you edit and revise images and then render it into a video. In replies see the video made in collaboration of Sketchbook and Photoshop.